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At Midleton Park Hotel we have 4 designated Electric Vehicle charging spaces that are situated at the back of our carpark, to the left of the hotel’s main entrance. We operate 4 22kW chargers (Type 2 socket). Once the account is topped up, charger will start charging EV car.


How to Use Our Electric Car Chargers:

  • Locate: Find the designated electric car charging stations in our hotel parking areas.
  • Plug In: Connect your vehicle using your personal charging cables.
  • Charge: Follow the on-screen instructions on the charger to begin charging.
  • Relax: Enjoy your stay at The Talbot Collection while your car charges efficiently.


To be able to charge your vehicle you will need to become a member of EasyGo network. The app can be easily downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Please visit for further information and all faults are to be reported directly with EasyGo at 01 254 4456.


At Midleton Park Hotel, we believe in creating a sustainable future for all. By offering electric car chargers, we aim to make green travel more accessible and convenient for our guests. Stay with us and be a part of the solution.