Sauna, Steam Room & Jacuzzi

Relax and enjoy the heat treatments available at the Health Club. We encourage use of the various water treatments and heat treatments while recovering from a tough workout or just to soak away the stresses of the day.


This is a dry heat, between 90 and 95 degrees C and will promote sweating which helps to detox the skin. After a few minutes in the cabin, you should exit and have a cold shower to cool the body, rest and recover and then re-enter after a few minutes. This can be repeated a number of times to suit you.

Steam Room

This is a moist heat, with the cabin filled with steam. This is a more gentle heat and less oppressive than the Sauna heat. Again we advise to follow a similar regime to get the max from your visit.


In our large indoor Jacuzzi, you can enjoy the combination of hot water and gentle massage jets and bubbles on the skin, which again promotes sweating and relaxation.

Outdoor Hot Tub

For the more adventurous, you can relax in the outdoor hot tub located in the idyllic private hotel gardens. Again enjoy the combination of the heated water and bubbles to gain the most relaxation. Please read the notice near the Heat Treatments for guidelines on usage and who should not use them.Children under 16 years are not allowed to use the heat treatments for their own safety.