Membership, News & Events

We offer a range of different memberships to suit most budgets and circumstances. Our peak membership has the most comprehensive hours so that you can fit your workouts around your busy schedule. Our off-peak membership suits those on shift work, our hard-working mums or those retired. We cover children from 0 years to student age with our range of memberships.
We offer 1 Day Free Trial
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Peak Times:    
Mon - Fri    6am - 10pm    
Sat, Sun & Bank Hols    8am - 9pm    
Off Peak Times:         
Mon - Fri    9am - 6pm    
Sat, Sun & Bank Hols    9am - 1pm    
Children Opening Hours         
Mon - Fri    9am - 7pm
Sat, Sun & Bank Hols    9am - 7pm    
Social programme
Throughout the year, we organize various events for our members. The highlight of the year is the annual members’ summer party. This is great fun and is usually held at the end of August. All staff and members get a chance to put on our glad rags and dance the night away. There is lovely food on the night and some great spot prizes.
We offer free information nights on various topics from healthy eating, to preparing for a marathon, to healthy children’s lunches, and weight loss. These nights are usually well attended and add a social aspect to the health club.
For more information about our excellent membership rates and options, phone 021 4635 151 or email