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We offer a range of different memberships to suit most budgets and circumstances. Our peak membership has the most comprehensive hours so that you can fit your workouts around your busy schedule. Our off-peak membership suits those on shift work, our hard-working mums or those retired. We cover children from 0 years to student age with our range of memberships.
Peak MembershipFull PaymentDirect Debit
Single Peak €640 €56*
Couple Peak €1170 €101*
Couple 6 Month Peak €860 N/A
Single 6 Month Peak €440 N/A
Family (2A+2C) €1250 €106*
Student Peak* €440 €38*
 (Valid Current Student ID required)
Off-Peak Membership  Full PaymentDirect Debit
Single Off-peak (18+) €455 €39.50*
Couple Off-Peak €740 €66*
Single 6 Month Off-Peak €310 N/A
Couple 6 Month Off-Peak €590 N/A
Childrens MembershipFull PaymentDirect Debit
Child** (0-2 incl.) FREE FREE
Child** (3-15 incl.) €145 €12.50*
Child** (16-17 incl.) €212 €18.50*
* Direct Debit- must pay two months up front when joining. T&C's apply.
** Must join with an adult member      

Peak Times:    

Mon - Fri    6am - 10pm    
Sat, Sun & Bank Hols    8am - 9pm    
Off Peak Times:         
Mon - Fri    9am - 6pm    
Sat, Sun & Bank Hols    9am - 1pm    
Children Opening Hours         
Mon - Fri    9am - 12pm     2pm - 7pm
Sat, Sun & Bank Hols    10am - 7pm    

Swim-A-Song Programme

In association with Swim Ireland, we run a Swim-a-Song programme for young children and parents. Swim-a-Song is specially designed for babies from 4 months to approximately 48 months of age and gives parent and child enormous enjoyment while introducing an important life-skill. Swim-a-Song is step one in Swim Ireland's development pathway and provides an excellent foundation for a lifetime of swimming. Swim-a-Song is proudly supported by the Irish Sports Council through the Women in Sport initiative.
The programme runs over a period of 6 weeks, with each session lasting 45mins in the water. Our experienced swim teacher will guide the parents and children through the activities in a fun and safe manner. Each participant receives a Parent Pack to practice at home.
Swim-a-Song Parent Pack comes with
- CD full of easy to use songs
- Songbook to sing along with
- Easy to follow instruction for learning in the bath
- Stickers and progress chart to keep up to date with the baby's progress
- A Speedo hooded baby-robe to ensure that the baby is kept dry
Cost of Course with Parent Pack €65.00
Cost of Course Renewal without Parent Pack €55.00

Swim Lessons Programme

The Swim Ireland's Child Learn to Swim (LTS) programme is the national swim programme specifically for children. This specially designed professional swim programme sets national standards for children’s swimming. All of our swim teachers are fully qualified and Insured through Swim Ireland. Lessons are operated on an 8 week cycle, to correspond with School Terms. Each lesson lasts 45mins in the water and each session involves teaching and play-time.If you are unsure of what level your child should be in, we provide a free swim assessment, which can be booked in advance at the 021 4635 151 and this will let you know which level you need to put your child in. This assessment is carried out by one of our experienced swim teachers.
Level 1
This is for complete beginners, new to water and is designed to teach basic pool rules, entering and exiting the pool safely, float with an aid, blowing bubbles in the water, regain standing from floating position and kick on front and back with an aid.
Level 2
This is the second beginner class and teaches basic pool rules, pick object from floor of shallow pool, enter and exit pool safely, bob up and down in the water, roll 180 degrees from front to back and regain standing and kick on front and back with aid unassisted.
Level 3
This level is the next step towards and improver and teaches a surface dive, pool entry from standing and sitting, float on front and back for 10 seconds, push off wall and glide, breathing to the side, roll 360 degrees and freestyle arms and backstroke arms with a board for 5 metres.
Level 4
This is the first of the improver levels and teaches treading water with aid, sitting dive and glide, swim through submerged hoop, push off and glide on front and back, swim 5 metres freestyle breathing to side, swim 5 metres backstroke with tummy up, swim 5 metres with froggy arms and kick on front and back with board for 10 metres.
Level 5
This is the second improver level and teaches a forward somersault from standing, kneeling dive, 3 different floating positions, push off with streamlined position, understanding of bi-lateral breathing, swim 10 metres breathing to the side, swim 10 metres backstroke with head still, swim 10 metres using breaststroke actions and kick on front and back for 15 metres.
Level 6
For our final improver level, we teach treading water for 30 seconds and then swim 15 metres, surface dive and retrieve a sinker from the pool floor, demonstrate a kneeling dive and swim out, push off with streamlined position, arms only for 10 metres, swim freestyle using good technique and breathing, swim backstroke using good technique and breathing, breaststroke kick with a board, butterfly kick with arms by side and swim freestyle and backstroke without stopping.
Level 7
This is our first advanced class and teaches basic survival, front somersault from floating position, crouch dive, scull feet and head first, freestyle length with good technique, freestyle length with good technique, breaststroke 15 metres with correct timing, attempt arms and legs butterfly, tread water using egg beater kick for 45 seconds and swim and then swim 3 lengths using two different strokes, attempting to turn without stopping
Level 8
This is the most advanced level and we teach a standing dive, push and glide streamlined under water for 5 metres, scull front and back using feet and head first, swim 3 lengths freestyle with good breathing and rhythm, swim 3 lengths backstroke with good breathing and rhythm, swim one length of breaststroke with regular breathing, swim 10 metres using butterfly, kick four lengths of freestyle and backstroke using a board, pull one length of freestyle using a pull buoy and swim 5 lengths with good technique using 2 strokes without stopping.
Cost of Course €70 for 1 child for 8 week session
€140 for 2 children for 8 week session
€175 for 3 children for 8 week session
All swim courses are paid in full in advance to secure your place. We normally take bookings in the first week of August for the coming school year. Please contact us on 021 4635 151 for further details. As courses are in high demand, we would ask you to book well in advance. Each child on the previous course will be given first preference for the coming Course.

Social programme

Throughout the year, we organize various events for our members. The highlight of the year is the annual members’ summer party. This is great fun and is usually held at the end of August. All staff and members get a chance to put on our glad rags and dance the night away. There is lovely food on the night and some great spot prizes.
We offer free information nights on various topics from healthy eating, to preparing for a marathon, to healthy children’s lunches, and weight loss. These nights are usually well attended and add a social aspect to the health club.

Health Notice Board

In the gym, we have a special notice board that we use to provide you with lots of healthy tips and Information.  This is updated on a monthly basis and much of the information can be copied and taken home with you from the health club reception.  We have a regular recipe corner for those healthy and hearty meals.  We have been concentrating on soups for the last number of months as you can’t beat it for warming and goodness.
We have general health and fitness tips being updated on a regular basis.  If there is a topic that you want covered, please let us know and we will put our heads together.  We have access to huge amounts of knowledge and experience, and we want you to get the most form your visits to the Health Club.
For more information about our excellent membership rates and options, phone 021 4635 151 or email